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Exotrail to provide Astro Digital with electric propulsion systems

Credit: Exotrail

Ibadan, 4 April 2023. – Exotrail has signed a contract with Astro Digital for the delivery of multiple spaceware™ electric propulsion systems that will go on satellites that Astro Digital manufactures for an undisclosed customer. Astro Digital will integrate the spaceware™ – micro L into the Corvus platform, its flexible and cost-effective product ranging from 6U to ESPA class missions. Exotrail propulsion systems will tentatively deliver the spaceware™ to meet Astro Digital’s objective to begin services in 2024.

spaceware™, and its nano, micro, mini, and cluster product configurations, is the Company’s space-proven Hall-Effect electric propulsion system for satellites ranging from 10 to 1,000 kg. Furthermore, it is a 150W propulsion system providing more than 7mN of thrust, aiming for an unrivaled trade-off between thrust compared to mass and volume efficiency.

According to the Company, spaceware™ drastically improves satellite deployment, increases service performances, and contributes to reducing space pollution with an exponential number of assets flying in low earth orbit. Exotrail thrusters will hence improve the overall mission deployment and operation of the constellation Astro Digital is building and will operate

On the partnership, Exotrail’s CEO and co-founder, Jean-Luc Maria, stated: “We are very grateful that Astro Digital vested its trust in Exotrail spaceware™ product. Astro Digital and Exotrail teams have collaborated for long now, but this new contract opens a new and exciting momentum as it contributes to building the future of connectivity in space.”

This contract extends Exotrail’s footprint in the US, materializing the acceleration of Exotrail operations worldwide. As a result, it is consistent with the objective outlined in its series B fundraising announced in February 2023, an effort to be extended across 2023.

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