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Space Cafè Italy by Dr. Emma Gatti ep. 7 with Gino Bucciol recap

The seventh episode of Space Cafè Italy featured Gino Bucciol, co-founder and VP of Officina Stellare.

The 7th episode of Space Cafè Italy featured Gino Bucciol, co-founder and VP of Business Development Officer of Officina Stellare SpA, in conversation with Editor In Chief and radio host Dr. Emma Gatti.

Officina Stellare (OS) is a unique reality within the Italian space sector. Focused on one of the oldest and most classical sectors of the space business, the telescope making,  Officina Stellare is founded by a group of friends passionate about stars observations that turned their hobby into a state-of-the-art high-level, high-scale telescope factory. Nested in the hills near Venice, the factory moved from importing telescopes in the early 2000s to manufacturing their own ground and space telescopes for the most important space missions.

Together, Emma and Gino discussed the early steps of Officina Stellare, the Italian space economy, the difference between Italy and other European countries in dealing with the private sector, the future of OS, the direction the industry is taking, the role of emerging economies such as India, and the commitment of OS to raise the next generation of Galielo Galileis.

The full video (In Italian) can be seen here:

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