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Boecore Acquires Orbit Logic for Expanded Operations

Credit: Boecore

Ibadan, 15 February 2023. – Boecore has announced its acquisition of Orbit Logic. As a result, Orbit Logic will bring over two decades of experience providing operationally proven and highly configurable software products that support their customers’ complex mission objectives in a rapidly evolving space environment. With this acquisition, the Company strengthens its software development and specialized mission operations capabilities and brings new product offerings to serve its customers better.

Speaking on the acquisition, Tom Dickson, President of Boecore, said the partnership with Orbit Logic helps Boecore expand its “product and technical capabilities, and it broadens our relationships and mission expertise within the space domain. The Orbit Logic team has built an outstanding business and has a proven ability to develop and deliver advanced software products to its space customers. We are excited to welcome the Orbit Logic employees to the Boecore family and to continue driving innovation together.”

Likewise, Thomas Young, Principal at Enlightenment Capital, added, “with the addition of this product suite and the talented team of software developers and engineers at Orbit Logic, Boecore can continue providing its customers with the critical solutions they need to advance and maintain space superiority.”

Orbit Logic’s Alex Herz also added that the Company was glad to join the Boecore platform and continue developing mission-critical products to help its customers deliver on complex space missions. The Co-Founder and President of Orbit Logic added, “Our cultures are a great fit, with both companies dedicated to innovation supporting our customers’ missions. This partnership will only make our combined solutions more impactful to the space and defense communities while offering greater opportunities and support to our employees.”

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