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AXESS Networks and Es’hailSat join forces in Qatar

AXESS Networks and Es’hailSat partners. Credit: AXESS Networks

Ibadan, 9 January 2023. – AXESS Networks and Es’hailSat have announced a Strategic Partnership Agreement to provide Teleport and VSAT services for multiple sectors in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region. The Company offers global teleport and satellite communications services to customers in various industries, including oil & gas, mining, maritime, telco, corporate, Government and NGOs. In the same vein, Es’hailSat operates two GEO satellites and a state-of-the-art teleport in Doha, from where it provides independent, high-quality, advanced satellite services in the region.

The partners’ common goal is expanding their business, widening their customer base, and improving the service quality. This multi-year, multi-service agreement will have Es’hailSat cater to AXESS’ VSAT networking requirements and professional and high-quality services. As a result, while AXESS provides satellite communications services and acquires new business in Qatar and in the region, Es’hailSat will contribute to the local services necessary to extend AXESS’ operations. Furthermore, Es’hailSat will benefit from AXESS’s infrastructure and services to expand its reach beyond the region, particularly the Maritime sector.

Speaking on the partnership, Mr. Ali Ahmed Al-Kuwari, President and CEO, Es’hailSat, said, “Es’hailSat is happy to enter into this partnership with AXESS to provide Teleport and VSAT services for customers across the region. We believe that the highly robust and reliable data services offered by us at Es’hailSat provide the strong network base that AXESS needs to build services for customers in the region.”

“Qatar is the perfect location for further engagement in the Gulf and MENA region,” says Mauricio Segovia, CEO at AXESS. “In Es’hailSat, we found the ideal partner for our operations, and we look forward to joining forces. Our engineering and sales teams are ready to support the operations with
our broad end-to-end managed solutions and with 24/7 NOC support.”

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