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Lynk to Begin Commercial Services in 2023

Credit: Lynk

Ibadan, 9 November 2022. – Lynk CEO Charles Miller has announced that the mobile network technology company will begin its commercial services in early 2023 after receiving the “first commercial license” from the Federal Communications Commission (FCC).  Miller made the disclosure during a panel session at the ongoing 3-day international forum on Connecting the World from the Skies. The International Telecommunications Union (ITU) and Saudi Arabia’s Communications, Space & Technology Commission (CST) jointly organized the forum.

According to the CEO, Lynk developed the technology to connect satellites directly to unmodified standard mobile phones five years ago before patenting and proving it. He added that “the era of the bifurcation between mobile terrestrial and satellite is over… and the era of the unconnected is coming to an end.” Miller also disclosed that Lynk has proven the technology and is testing it in 14 countries. Furthermore, the satellite connectivity company has signed commercial agreements with 23 Mobile Network Operators (MNOs).

The company has launched its first satellite and is looking to launch three more very soon and can begin providing some connectivity with the four satellites in some countries. The connectivity will be periodic as Lynk will begin with messaging before evolving to continuous real-time connectivity everywhere directly to phones, before growing into broadband. Miller added that “it’s a straight step-by-step path from periodic connectivity to continuous service to broadband directly to your phone.”

According to the Lynk CEO, while satellite terminals are costly across different countries, mobile phones are relatively cheaper, making it easier, with the technical breakthrough, to connect more underserved and unserved communities. Miller also expressed a desire to collaborate with other participants in the Forum, noting that they all shared a common goal.

The hybrid Forum is currently taking place from 8–10 November 2022, in Riyadh and Online, and will discuss extensively airborne and spaceborne networks from space, science, technology, and policy perspectives.

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