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EnduroSat and Mission Space launch space weather monitoring constellation

Credit: Mission Space

Edinburgh / Luxembourg / Sofia, 4 May 2022. –  Data service provider EnduroSat signed a service contract with Mission Space, a high-precision space weather monitoring company. The partnership will deploy a constellation of sensors for monitoring space weather in low Earth orbit.

EnduroSat, who offers streamlined space data service and in-orbit operations, will host and operate Mission Space’s payloads. The focus will be on in-situ measurements of near-Earth magnetic and solar wind conditions. Highly energetic particle streams from interplanetary shocks and the Sun will also be monitored. 

The agreement comprises 24 payload launches to complete the space weather monitoring infrastructure. EnduroSat will procure Mission Space’s space weather analytics as well to enhance its on-orbit operations and quantify risks. Doing so, EnduroSat will be able to develop and implement cosmic radiation mitigation strategies to protect its onboard systems and satellites.

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