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Bahrain signs Artemis Accords

Moon. Credit: NASA

Edinburgh, 8 March 2022. – Bahrain became the second Arab country to sign the Artemis Accords, an international agreement outlining the peaceful and responsible exploration of the Moon and space in general. The announcement was made during Crown Prince Salman bin Hamad’s visit to the US last week.

The Accords set standards and guidelines on activities such as mining on the Moon, releasing scientific data, transparency and emergency assistance. As an emerging space nation, Bahrain is planning to develop and launch several nanosatellites as well as increase research capabilities.

Bahrain’s National Space Science Agency hopes that joining the Accords will create new co-operation and investment opportunities for the country. The treaty could potentially provide more training and research contingencies as well.

Bahrain and the UAE jointly launched Light-1, their first CubeSat into orbit in December last year. The satellite monitors terrestrial gamma-ray flashes from thunderstorms.

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