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Register Today For Our Space Café “33 minutes with Gaetan Petit” On 2 November 2021

This Space Café WebTalk will feature Gaetan Petit, Co-Founder at Space4Impact, in conversation with Torsten Kriening, publisher of SpaceWatch.Global.

Space2Earth Accelerator 2022

The Space2Earth Accelerator is an international acceleration programme for downstream space applications supported by the Canton of Vaud. The programme runs from January to June 2022 and features three in-person events in Switzerland and one in the United Kingdom. The goal is to bring together space startups and strategic partners across industries to boost the application of satellite data in new markets. Startups will have the unique opportunity to pitch their product, learn about industry needs and find new customers.

Gaetan is the co-founder of Space4Impact an initiative that aims at fostering the economic growth of space activities in line with the UN SDGs for a sustainable future. Gaetan worked as a technology transfer officer at the Swiss Space Center and as a scientist at the European Space Agency’s Advanced Concepts Team. Gaetan holds an engineering degree from EPFL Lausanne and a PhD in Neuroscience from ETH Zurich.

The audience will have an opportunity to ask questions in dialogue with Gaetan Petit.

SpaceWatch.Global is a Switzerland-based digital magazine and portal for those interested in space and the far-reaching impact of the space sector.

This Space Café WebTalk will be conducted in English on 26 October 2021 at 4 pm CEST.

Reserve your place today.

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