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SPS and MarketDev enter business development partnership

Image: left to right: Joe Magyar, Birgit Müller and Florian Ruess (MarketDev)

Edinburgh, 27 September 2021. – The German Space Structures (SPS) and the Canadian MarketDev announced a business development partnership to extend SPS’s presence in North America and other international markets, SPS said.

Berlin-based developer and manufacturer is planning to capitalize on the rapid growth of the space industry. The privately-owned independent engineering firm offers a range of design, engineering, analysis and testing services. The company produces metal and composite structures for space applications, spacecraft structures, opto-mechanical- and a range of electronic equipment. SPS claims they will deliver a “one-stop shopping” solution for customers of any size.

Toronto-based MarketDev specializes in technology-based and industrial manufacturers, including satellites, aerospace, optics and photonics. The partnership with SPS would help bring SPS’s expertise and production capabilities to other engineering-based industries as well, it said.

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