GLEX 2021

OQ selects NanoAvionics for MACSAT mission

NanoAvionics’ 6U nanosatellite bus M6P with deployables. Photo: NanoAvionics

Paris, 8 April 2021. – The Luxembourgish space IoT start-up OQ Technology selected the smallsat manufacturer NanoAvionics to build its MACSAT, the company said.

The mission is aiming to demonstrate 5G Internet-of-Things (IoT) service from Low Earth Orbit (LEO). NanoAvionics will build and test a 6U nanosatellite platform to host the MACSAT communication payload, OQ said.

OQ is planning to launch the mission this or next year. It “will be a flagship for demonstrating advanced 5G IoT services in strategic satellite frequencies and for different end-customers”, the company says.

The in-orbit pathfinder mission MACSAT is supported by Luxembourg’s national space program, LuxIMPULSE.

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