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Eutelsat orders Airbus Eurostar Neo for its 36D spacecraft

Eutelsat’s HQ in Paris. Photo: Eutelsat

Paris, 23 March 2021. – Eutelsat ordered an Airbus Eurostar Neo platform for its 36D spacecraft at the orbital position 36°East, Airbus said.

Eutelsat 36D spacecraft will replace and enhance capacity at the orbital slot serving Africa, Russia, and Europe with TV broadcasting and government services, it said.

Eurostar Neo “combines increased payload capacity and more efficient power and thermal control systems with reduced production time and optimised costs, as part of a fully digitalised production process”, Airbus said.

36D will weigh 5 tons, carry 70 Ku-band transponders over five downlink beams and a steerable antenna and use Airbus’ electric orbit raising (EOR) system. It is due for launch in the first half of 2024.

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