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Ovzon expands reach and capacity through Intelsat agreement


Artist impression of Ovzon Satellite

Ovzon and Intelsat have entered into a four-year agreement where Intelsat will provide service to Ovzon via three powerful steerable beams on the Intelsat 39 (IS-39) and Intelsat 37 (IS-37) satellites. The agreement replaces and expands the current agreement for capacity on IS-39.

The agreement enhances Ovzon’s offerings with additional capacity and expanded coverage and reach. Combining the power, resiliency, and flexibility of Intelsat’s steerable beams with Ovzon’s managed service and ultra-small terminals will provide unprecedented high throughput to small end-user terminals that are used by teams or large headquarters conducting disaster response, defense operations, and other mission-critical activities requiring unfettered access to information at the tactical edge.

Ovzon’s current service offering, through leased capacity, will be significantly expanded with the launch of the new satellite, Ovzon 3, in 2021. Ovzon 3 will provide dramatically enhanced performance and functionality and is an important step to further revolutionize mobile broadband by satellite, offering the highest bandwidth with the smallest terminals. Ovzon 3 is the first of a number of satellites planned for Ovzon’s high-end, global service.

“This agreement with Intelsat plays an important role in enabling Ovzon to serve customers with global requirements for high-bandwidth services, paving the way for our coming Ovzon 3 capability. It also strengthens our partnership with Intelsat to the benefit of both companies,” says Magnus René, CEO of Ovzon.

“The combination of Ovzon’s high-speed service on ultra-small terminals and Intelsat’s innovative steerable beam technology creates a powerful innovation in connectivity. Our partnership with Ovzon is an important step toward empowering remote users with the communications innovations they need,” added Samer Halawi, Chief Commercial Officer of Intelsat.

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