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C6 Launch Systems Successfully Completes Canadian Space Agency-Funded Communications Project

Image courtesy of NASA.

C6 Launch Systems Inc., is pleased to announce the successful completion of a Canadian Space Agency (CSA) funded research and development project paving the way for next-generation, low-cost space communications for small-sat rockets.

Named C6 STARS™ (Space Transmission and Reception System), the system was developed on time with a CA$71,990 (US$51,219) Space Technology Development Program (STDP) contribution from the CSA. As a result, C6 Launch was able to expand the scope of the project to develop a comprehensive test plan for this critical technology, to move even closer to the development and commercialization of their smallsat rocket.

“With C6 STARS, we have been able to demonstrate the reality of a low-cost, high-gain, compact space-grade communications systems for small-sat rockets from the launch pad to low earth orbit for payload delivery,” said Daniel McCammon, Co-founder and VP Technology, C6 Launch. “The support of the Government of Canada and the Canadian Space Agency was instrumental in achieving this milestone.”

An interim presentation delivered by C6 Launch at the International Aerospace Congress (IAC) 2019 in Washington D.C., received considerable interest from the space community.

C6 Launch expects to move to the next phases of commercializing C6 STARS with additional system evaluation during a planned engine Static Integration Test (SIT) in the fall of this year and further testing planned to take place at the CSA’s David Florida Laboratory in Ottawa. Subject to those milestones, C6 STARS will provide communications capability with the initial suborbital launch scheduled for late 2021 and the first orbital launch in mid-2022.

C6Launch Systems is a Canadian-based space technology company developing a dedicated small-sat launch capability to place payloads up to 30 kg in a nominal 600 km Sun Synchronous Orbit (SSO).

The announcement was made on 12 May 2020.


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