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New Management Takes Over Germany’s PTS GmbH After Restructuring

Image courtesy of Planetary Transportation Systems GmbH.

After a successful restructuring phase the management team of Planetary Transportation Systems (PTS) now takes full responsibility for the company. The PTS executives take over the Berlin New Space company with immediate effect as part of a management buyout from the Zeitfracht Group.

Zeitfracht Group saved PTS from bankruptcy in 2019 and enabled the Berlin scientists’ ambitious plans to be continued with a reorganization. PTS is working to remove barriers to space research and to develop reliable and affordable systems to bring experiments and payloads to their destinations on the Moon and in orbit. Scientists from Berlin are developing solutions for space agencies, industry and academic institutions, for example.

With the new ownership structure, PTS GmbH is now fully owned by the active PTS management team, which has accompanied the renovation together with Zeitfracht in recent months.

Robert Boehme, founder of PTS, said, “We are very grateful that Zeitfracht has enabled us to successfully reorganize our company. We have learned a lot from the extensive experience of time. We are certain to be successful in this new constellation on the market as a reliable provider.”

Dr. Wolfram Simon-Schröter, CEO of Zeitfracht, said, “PTS has an extremely competent and highly motivated management team that, after a stabilization and restructuring phase, would like to bear the economic responsibility for the company itself in the future. It is to be welcomed if people want to take on more responsibility. That is why the Zeitfracht Group has shown itself openly to this idea from the start. PTS will remain closely connected to our company and I wish the management of PTS all the best for the future.”

PTS offers inexpensive and reliable Moon logistics. The company’s goal is to develop commercial lunar infrastructure and deploy it on the Moon for future missions. With its engineering team, PTS offers, among other things, contract and development services in the aerospace sector. In addition to commercial clients, its other clients also include space agencies such as the European Space Agency (ESA).

The Zeitfracht Group is an owner-managed family company in its third generation with more than 3,000 employees and headquarters in Berlin and Leipzig. The company is primarily active in the areas of logistics, aviation, and real estate.

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