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Cobham Advanced Electronic Solutions to Support Astranis in Mission to Bring Widespread Internet Connectivity to Alaska

Image courtesy Cobham Advanced Electronic Solutions

Cobham Advanced Electronic Solutions and Astranis have announced that they are working together to support Astranis’ efforts to bring widespread broadband Internet access to the people of Alaska. Astranis’ small geostationary earth orbit (GEO) communications satellite will more than triple the amount of current satellite capacity available in Alaska, where 39% of the population still has unreliable Internet access, and will leverage Cobham’s new LeanREL microcontroller and CAN transceiver product offerings.

“Cobham’s LeanREL products are a great fit for our Alaska mission,” said Miki Heller, Vice President of Business Operations and Strategy at Astranis. “Cobham’s extensive space pedigree helps us meet the reliability targets of our program and their forward-thinking on LeanREL products makes their offerings price-competitive for a satellite of our size.”

Cobham’s LeanREL Electronics offer world-class harsh environment performance at a fraction of the normal cost. A full suite of ICs, LeanREL leverages Cobham’s 30+ years of radiation-hardened, QML level reliability, and innovative space systems design expertise to create an unmatched offering. Based on the same QML pedigree and silicon as the company’s renowned HiRel solutions, Cobham’s LeanREL ICs can enable up to 60% cost savings to extend mission durations well beyond that of typical off-the-shelf ICs and greatly speeds up time to market through rapid prototyping.

“We’re excited to support Astranis on their journey to bring dependable broadband internet to the people of Alaska and we look forward to providing mission-matched, affordable reliability through our LeanREL products,” said David Meyouhas, Director of Standard Product Marketing, Space and Semiconductor Products, Cobham Advanced Electronic Solutions.

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