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CGI And Thales Alenia Space Partner To Secure Galileo GNSS

Artist’s depiction of a Galileo GNSS satellite. Picture courtesy of the European Global Navigation Satellite Systems Agency.

CGI has signed an agreement with Thales Alenia Space France to enhance and maintain security software for the Galileo satellite navigation system. Valued at approximately 14 million euros, the contract will last until the end of 2020. CGI experts are working on this strategic project from Rotterdam and Toulouse.

CGI will improve the functionality, robustness and reliability of Galileo’s ground infrastructure, as well as enhance and maintain software for its Public Regulated Service Key Management Facility (PKMF).

The Public Regulated Service (PRS) is one of the key features that distinguishes Galileo from other satellite navigation systems. It ensures that only government-authorized entities have access to Galileo’s secure PRS signal that meets strict security standards in areas such as defense, law enforcement, customs, etc.

“We look forward to working with CGI to ensure the highest level of security for Galileo, along with an efficient, high performance infrastructure,” said Guillermo Salgado, GALILEO Ground Mission and EGNOS Programs Director, Thales Alenia Space France.

“CGI’s significant space and security experience, combined with its local presence and global resources, gives us access to the experts we need to launch and operate one of the world’s most advanced satellite navigation systems.”

“CGI has strong legacy in space, and we continue to support space clients across the globe, actively managing their business and national interests while positioning CGI as a trusted space leader,” said Dirk de Groot, who leads CGI’s business unit in the Netherlands.

Galileo is the Global Navigation Satellite System built by the European Space Agency and operated by the European GNNS Agency on behalf of the European Union. It is the European alternative to the American Global Positioning System.

Once Galileo becomes fully operational in 2020, citizens will benefit from more accurate positioning and timing data through Galileo-supported global navigation applications.

CGI has more than 40 years of experience in the space domain and delivers complex, mission-critical space software systems across Europe, Asia and North America, supporting programs from satellite navigation, communications and operations, to space-enabled applications.

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