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UAE’s Sharjah University Signs Agreement With Kazakh Company For Satellite Imagery

Prof. Hamid M.K. Al Naimiy, Chancellor of the University of Sharjah (left) with Mr. Aidyn Aimbetov, Cosmonaut and Vice President of the Company Kazakhstan Gharysh Sapary (right). Photograph courtesy of the University of Sharjah.

WAM: The University of Sharjah signed a cooperation agreement with Kazakhstan Gharysh Sapary Company to share space technology and systems located in Astana, Kazakhstan. It is one of the largest national companies in Kazakhstan specializing in Earth remote sensing.

The aim of the agreement is to cooperate in research and promoting the use of space for peaceful purposes, while developing and applying space technology to support the economy, scientific research, safety, and community development through the exchange of space images and providing remote sensing data in the UAE by using the Kazakh satellites KazEOSat-1 and KazEOSat-2. Additional exchanges include providing services, including data processing from the Kazakh satellites, as well as cooperating in student training and exchanges of scientists and researchers in areas of common interest.

Prof. Hamid M.K. Al Naimiy, Chancellor of the University of Sharjah, signed the agreement, along with Mr. Aidyn Aimbetov, Cosmonaut and Vice President of the Company Kazakhstan Gharysh Sapary. Prof. Maamar Bettayeb, Vice Chancellor for Research and Graduate Studies, attended the signing, along with Prof. Majid Merabti, Dean of the College of Sciences; Prof. Abdul-Kadir Hamid, Acting Dean of the College of Engineering; Dr. Tarek Merabtene, Director of the Office of International Relations; Dr. Ilias Fernini, Deputy General Director for the Sharjah Center for Astronomy and Space Sciences’ Research Laboratories and Observatory; Mr. Khalid Al Raboy, Director of Public Relations and Acting Deputy General Director for SCASS’ for Financial and Administrative Affairs; and Mr. Marwan Shwaiki, Deputy General Director for SCASS’ Planetarium and Exhibitions.

During the meeting, the Chancellor of the University gave a brief introduction about the University of Sharjah since its establishment by His Highness Sheikh Dr. Sultan bin Mohammed Al Qasimi, Member of the Supreme Council, Ruler of Sharjah, and President of the University. The University has now become one of the largest in the UAE, based upon the number of enrolled students and available academic programs. He also spoke about the Sharjah Center for Astronomy and Space Sciences, SCASS, which is unique to the University of Sharjah, among other universities in the UAE, and its facilities that serve the educational process, as well as scientific research at the University and the surrounding community.

Aidyn Aimbetov discussed possible areas of cooperation with the University and expressed his admiration of the multiculturalism at the University, its prominent international standing, and high educational standards. He also praised the Sharjah Center for Astronomy and Space Sciences for its exceptional facilities. Aimbetov delivered a brief about the space sector in Kazakhstan, and stressed his desire for establishing future cooperation with SCASS.

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