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UAE’s Yahsat Starts Satellite Broadband Service In Brazil

Artist’s depiction of YahSat’s Al Yah-3 satellite. Picture courtesy of YahSat.

Yahsat, the UAE’s leading commercua satellite communications operator, officially launched its Ka-band satellite broadband service in Brazil in November 2018. The arrival of Yahsat in Brazil will assist in addressing the country’s shortage of reliable Internet connectivity that traditionally relies on terrestrial Internet connectivity.

Yahsat’s presence in Brazil across 234 municipalities marks a significant milestone in the company’s international expansion strategy. By bringing previously unavailable high-performance satellite broadband service to several areas of Brazil, Yahsat is delivering on its vision to provide dependable means of global connectivity to underserved communities.

Yahsat’s expansion into Brazil comes on the back of the launch, as well as commercial readiness of, Yahsat’s third satellite, Al Yah 3, earlier this year. The Emirati-engineered and built Al Yah 3 satellite covers over 95 per cent of Brazil’s population across more than 5,000 municipalities. Backed by Al Yah 3, Yahsat will also offer economic, high data rate backhaul links for Internet service providers (ISPs) and telecommunications operators, in addition to broadband satellite internet service.

“Yahsat’s arrival in Brazil marks a significant step in our company’s global commercial expansion plans, which have been in progress for the past seven years since the expansion of our satellite fleet was first proposed,” commented Masood M. Sharif Mahmood, Chief Executive Officer at Yahsat.

Yahsat has been laying the foundation for modern broadband connectivity since 2012. As the 6th largest satellite operator in the world, in terms of revenue, the Emirati company has delivered innovative satellite broadband products and services from the UAE to several regions across Asia, the Middle East, and Africa. With Yahsat’s operational readiness in Brazil, the satellite operator expects to see a significant expansion in its international coverage area. This is a significant milestone in Yahsat’s growth as an influential global company in the satellite communications sector.

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