Space Tech Expo Bremen - 2021 Nov

Inmarsat To Work With Hellenic Space Agency On Research And Development

Inmarsat headquarters in London, UK. Photograph courtesy of Inmarsat.

International shipping exhibition, Posidonia, provided the perfect backdrop for the signing of a memorandum of understanding (MoU) between global mobile satellite service provider, Inmarsat and the Hellenic Space Agency (HSA). Signed between Inmarsat’s Maritime President Ronald Spithout and Christodoulos Protopapas, Chairman of the Hellenic Space Agency, the MoU will allow greater collaboration and potential technology development between the two organisations and will also focus in on satellite projects in the IoT and maritime sectors.

The HSA is dedicated to the raising awareness of space and technology and to encourage research that will lead to the advancement of scientific engineering in Greece and within the government’s policy framework. The agreement with Inmarsat will open up further opportunities in space and ground segment technologies and will also promote information sharing between the two.

Ronald Spithout, Inmarsat Maritime President, said: “This agreement underlines an already, strong and collaborative partnership between Inmarsat and the Hellenic Space Agency. We look forward to this further developing in the years to come and seeing the benefits of projects which will help shape our industry.”

Mr Protopapas of the Hellenic Space Agency said: “Inmarsat is one of the most respected global space businesses and it is hugely exciting that this memorandum will pave the way for greater cooperation with us on a number of levels. Whether it is an exchange of skills, data or people, we will work on initiatives which will increase knowledge and understanding of the impact of satellite technology.”

Furthermore, the MoU will also provide an opportunity for Inmarsat and HSA to examine the role of the Internet of Things (IoT) and the potential for strategic research studies on future maritime software technologies and broader space policy and will offer the opportunity for secondments between the two organisations.

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