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Indian New Space Company SatSure Analytics Inks Deal With Antrix Corporation

SatSure Analytics and Antrix Corporation executives at the signing of their MoU. Photograph courtesy of SatSure Analytics.

SatSure Analytics, the Bengaluru-headquartered New Space company that is one of the leading satellite data analytics companies in India has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with the Antrix Corporation – the commercial arm of the Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO).

The MoU is intended to increase the penetration of geospatial data and intelligence and provide data analytics in a number of sectors that include agriculture, banking and financial services, social and urban planning, energy infrastructure, and telecommunications.

The MoU paves the way for StaSure Analytics and the Antrix Corporation to forge connections that will involve technical advisory services, joint project implementation, and nationwide capacity building of the Indian geospatial intelligence and data analytics industry. The MoU also allows SatSure Analytics to collaborate with ISRO on geospatial data issues as well assist other Indian New Space startups.

Rakesh Sasibhushan, Chief Managing Director of the Antrix Corporation, said, “Antrix as the commercial arm of ISRO is taking a step forward in the collaboration with the NewSpace Players to build capacity and make use of their innovative products and services.  This MOU presents a road map for companies in India that are working in space segment to collaborate jointly with our National Space Program and provide effective trickle down effects to real beneficiaries, the citizens of India. Our collaboration with SatSure will deliver on tackling real world problems with an emphasis on agriculture, environment and Sustainable Development Goals and will be a template of how Big Data from Space is used to benefit the society.”

Prateep Basu, co-founder of SatSure Analytics, said, “SatSure leverages advances in satellite sensors, machine learning and big data analytics to provide answers to large area questions across multiple domains. With our team’s expertise in earth observation, data analytics, machine learning and big data, we can provide decision intelligence to decision makers in the domains of banking, insurance, social infrastructure, energy and telecoms. The collaboration with Antrix Corporation will be a force multiplier for us, as the expertise Antrix provides in the space sector is par to none.”

It is hoped that the MoU will create an environment of creativity and productivity between the two companies, and also create innovative geospatial and satellite imagery products as well as research and development for the Indian and international markets.

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