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Hong Kong’s AsiaSat Announces New Board Promotions in Technical Services and Engineering

Artist’s conception of AsiaSat-9. Image courtesy of Space Systems Loral.

As part of its reorganization and reassignment of its most senior executives since the appointment of Dr. Roger Tong as its Chief Executive Officer in April 2018, Hong Kong’s Asiasat has announced two new corporate promotions to important technical positions on the board.

Fred Ho, previously Director of Technical Operations, has been promoted to Vice President of Technical Operations, and will lead Asiasat’s technical operations team that oversees and maintains the entire satellite fleet, Earth stations, teleport, and customer network services. Ho has over 25 years industry experience and holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Physices for Technology from Canada’s Carleton University, and a Master of Science degree in Engineering Management from Hong Kong’s City University.

Fred Vong, previously Director of Engineering, is promoted to Vice President of Engineering and will be in charge of supporting Asiasat customer activities – including network design and implementation – as well as developing spacecraft programmes, managing Asiasat spectrum resources, and working across the company to take advantage of new technological opportunities. Vong has over 20 years industry experience and holds a Bachelor of Science and Master of Philosophy degrees in Engineering from the University of Hong Kong, and a Bachelor of Law degree from Manchester Metropolitan University in the United Kingdom.

“I am very pleased to announce these promotions and welcome Fred Ho and Fred Vong to join the AsiaSat management team. Their promotions to vice president are a testament to their commitment and contributions to AsiaSat’s growth. I am delighted that they have grown with the company to take on these crucial roles. Their strong leadership, diverse knowledge and experience will be vital to lead their talented teams to drive the continued expansion and enhancements of our satellite fleet and service solutions to customers,” said Dr. Roger Tong, Chief Executive Officer of Asiasat, who replaced Andrew Jordan in April 2018.

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