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Russia’s SkolTech to Host SpaceUp Unconference on 21 April 2018

Photograph courtesy of SkolTech.

SpaceUp is a worldwide leading space exploration ‘unconference’ platform specifically designed for free exchange of new and interdisciplinary ideas. It brings together students, researchers, entrepreneurs, astronauts, cosmonauts, and space enthusiasts to network, learn, and actively interchange interesting space ideas. Participants can talk or present on any chosen space-related topic from any discipline like astrophysics, cosmology, engineering, biochemistry, human physiology, business, law, policy, arts, culture, fiction, etc.

Skolkovo Institute of Science and Technology has proved to be a pioneer in modern Russia. We organized the first SpaceUp in Russia last year. Inspired by its success, Skoltech has geared up for the second edition to be held on 21 April 2018.

Skoltech focuses on research and innovation, and space is the next frontier for innovative business. By organizing an international level event as SpaceUp, we want to send out the message that space is open to different kinds of business ideas and people of multidisciplinary background can work together in this sector and impact society. We want to encourage budding entrepreneurs to explore opportunities in the space sector and create a pool of space startup ideas.

Skoltech is a growing hub of innovative space technology start-ups and we look forward to possible collaboration with students from other universities and space companies for research.

There will be guest speakers who are expert in their respective fields for the panel discussion on “Limitations of Current Space Development”. The discussion will focus on different aspects such as space technology, privatisation, commercial business,  and policies, including present developments and future projects both in government and private sectors.

Image courtesy of SkolTech.

There will be lunch, snacks…and games too!

Conference Language: English and Russian

Register before 17 April 2018:  http://spaceup.skoltech.ru/home/

Programme Schedule: http://spaceup.skoltech.ru/program-schedule/

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