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UAE’s Thuraya Launches M2M IoT Tracking and Monitoring Service and Terminal

Image courtesy of Thuraya.

Dubai-based Thuraya, a commercial satellite communications company, has launched a tracking and monitoring (T2M) service and its T2M DUAL terminal for on-the-move machine-to-machine (M2M) Internet of Things (IoT) devices and sensors.

The T2M DUAL terminal is designed for M2M communications and the tracking and monitoring of remote assets in harsh conditions.

The T2M DUAL, according to a Thuraya press release, “enables the simultaneous collection of data from multiple points including location information, data from external sensors and peripheral devices, and input gathered from vehicle or heavy equipment CANBus [Controller Area Network bus].”

The T2M DUAL has several features that Thuraya believe will be of interest to sectors such as oil and gas, utilities, agriculture, mining, and transportation and logistics, that include:

  • Easy integration of applications, such as vehicle tracking and fuel consumption, that have previously been difficult to integrate;
  • Integration of third-party applications;
  • Built-in smart features such as geofencing;
  • Network selection based on cheapest routing;
  • Internal battery backup;
  • Supply of location and sensor data.

Additionally, the T2M DUAL is a dual-mode capability that provides automatic and continuous connectivity for assets on the move between regions covered by Global System for Mobile Communications (GSM) and remote areas not covered by mobile networks, all under the coverage of Thuraya’s satellite network.

“Industries and businesses are constantly looking for solutions that give them a competitive advantage with lower risks, higher automation and cost-saving potential. As more players enter sectors like logistics and transportation, for example, the monitoring of remote assets on the move by managers increase opportunities for faster decision-making, deployments, worker safety, and operational efficiency. Thuraya’s resilient network and IoT services already have a strong foothold across verticals that require high-security connectivity for remote, mission-critical operations. T2M-DUAL solution caters to these sectors’ evolving needs and we are confident that it’s well-placed to meet market demands,” said Rashid Baba, Chief Commercial Officer at Thuraya.

Thuraya’s T2M DUAL, and its associated services, adds to its M2M and IoT portfolio that includes the Thuraya FT2225 and its IP M2M service.

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