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Italy’s Leonardo and UAE’s International Golden Group Partner for Cyber Security in The Middle East

The Arabian Peninsula from space. Image courtesy of NASA.

Leonardo and the International Golden Group (IGG) have signed a strategic collaboration agreement in the United Arab Emirates to meet new cyber security requirements. Leonardo and IGG will collaborate in the design and implementation of Security Operations Centres (SOCs) for the protection of infrastructure and organisations.

The agreement was signed at the IDEX defence exhibition, which takes place in the United Arab Emirates from 19-23 February 2017. Leonardo and IGG will collaborate to identify and implement advanced solutions including Security Operations Centres (SOCs). The agreement’s aim is to integrate the solutions and the market knowledge offered by IGG, which will be the local prime contractor and which already provides high-level security to national customers, with Leonardo’s state-of-the-art know-how, in a long-term strategic and international partnership.

Recently, the United Arab Emirates underlined cyber security as a key factor in the country’s development, with the aim of identifying prestigious partners with which to develop cutting-edge solutions and infrastructures. Leonardo can meet this requirement, through state-of-the-art solutions and thanks to its ability to set up complex real-time monitoring and reaction centres, advanced information technology infrastructure and key management services. This will permit customers to prevent, identify and oppose sophisticated and persistent cyber threats, safeguarding the most delicate assets of an organisation: data and information.

Leonardo’s experience in supporting information communications technology (ICT) applications, systems and cyber security of Gulf countries dates back to the 90s, when the company collaborated with one of the main Saudi Arabian banks, the Al Rajhi Bank, to assist with the digitisation of the bank’s operations, respecting Islamic finance rules. Today, the company also provides air security systems such as the civil and military air traffic management and control system at Doha’s Hamad airport as well as telecommunication and security systems for the UAE’s national railway network and Riyadh’s underground.

IGG is one the main Emirates companies operating in the defence and security sector. A partner of the UAE’s Armed Forces, Ministry of the Interior and other national security authorities, IGG provides advanced solutions and technologies thanks to its capability in systems integration and proven experience in product development.

Leonardo has been providing information assurance and cyber security solutions to private and public organizations for over thirty years, including the defence ministries of Italy and the United Kingdom. The company is the prime contractor for the NATO NCIRC (Computer Incident Response Capability), that guarantees Cyber Defence and ICT infrastructure protection for NATO, serving 70,000 NATO users in 29 countries.

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