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Qatar’s Es’hailSat to broadcast Iraqi anti-sectarian Al Rafidain TV channel

The city of Baghdad, the capital of Iraq, as viewed from Earth orbit. Photograph courtesy of Wikipedia.

Es’hailSat, the Qatar Satellite Company, announced on 8 January 2017 that the Al Rafidain TV channel is now available on Es’hail-1 satellite located at the 25.50 East hotspot covering the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region.

Al Rafidain is an Iraqi satellite TV channel which showcases Iraqi political, economic, cultural and social identity. With the goal to advocate unity among Iraqis, the channel broadcasts programs that reject intolerance, fights sectarianism and racism, while highlighting the history and tradition of the Iraqi civilization.

The channel further adds to the attractive line up of niche Arabic TV content currently broadcasting via Es’hail-1. Tune in to Es’hail-1 at 25.50 East, with 11141 MHz, V Pol, and FEC 3⁄4 to enjoy high quality, free to air, Arabic content on Al Rafidain.

Es’hailSat’s President & CEO, Ali Ahmed Al Kuwari said: “We are delighted that Al Rafidain TV Channel has chosen Es’hail-1 satellite to reach customers across MENA. This is a testament to our commitment in promoting Arabic content across the region. With one satellite in operation and second satellite scheduled for launch in 2017 and a new teleport, we believe that we have the optimum solution for broadcasters and viewers in the MENA region.”

Es’hailSat, The Qatar Satellite Company was established in 2010. Based in Doha, Qatar, the company owns and operates satellites to serve broadcasters, businesses and governments. Es’hail-1, which shares a spacecraft platform with the European satellite operator Eutelsat, was successfully launched on 29th August 2013. The satellite provides television, voice, Internet, corporate and government communications services across the Middle East and North Africa region and beyond. Es’hail-2 is currently under construction and will be launched to the 26 degrees East TV broadcasting hotspot 2017.

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