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London conference to define space trends of the next decade


Next week, the British Interplanetary Society will once again host the 14th iteration of the Reinventing Space conference and exhibition. The event will bring together industry, agencies, governments, financiers, academia and end users to discuss the trends that will define space enterprise a decade from now.

Running from 24 – 27 October, this key event will focus how technology trends are leading to the increasing commercialisation of space and experts will explore a plethora of topics such as: low-cost launch systems, mega constellations and emerging satellite applications.

Reinventing Space is coming to London at a pivotal time for the United Kingdom which has a strategy to grow its share to over 10% of the world space market by 2030 – a market that is forecast to be worth at least £400 billion by that year.

The conference will host a total of nine keynotes, six panels and 30 oral papers organised into five sessions. Keynotes include: Richard Crowther, Chief Engineer, UK Space Agency; Jim Green, NASA Planetary Science Division; Stephane Israël, Chairman and CEO, Arianespace and Johann-Dietrich Wörner, Director General, European Space Agency.

The conference itself will comprise several sessions and panels covering a range of subjects such as: access to space; marine surveillance by satellite; space exploration, spaceborne laser communications, earth observation; enabling technologies and near-Earth activities.

Papers to be presented include topics as diverse as disruptive low cost platforms, high-volume spacecraft manufacturing, innovative cubesat data bus architecture, low cost rocket engine development, magnetically-confined fusion-powered spacecraft, next generation low cost space SAR, solar electric propulsion, space robotics, spaceports, the Square Kilometre Array Radio Telescope and the UK National Space Technology Strategy.

Mission updates will also be given on Bartolomeo, Lunar Mission One, REALM, Resource Prospector, Space Launch System and Twinkle.

The event promises to be both fascinating and informative. Find out more about the conference and exhibition at www.rispace.org

Original published at: http://spacewatchme.com/2016/10/london-conference-define-space-trends-next-decade/

Royal Society London - Credits: RISpace
Royal Society London – Credits: RISpace

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