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Saudi Telecommunication Company partners with Intelsat to expand broadband access in KSA

The headquarters of the Saudi Telecommunications Company, Riyadh, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Photograph courtesy of Saudi Telecommunications Company.
The headquarters of the Saudi Telecommunication Company, Riyadh, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Photograph courtesy of Saudi Telecommunications Company.

Intelsat S.A., headquartered in Luxembourg and operator of one of the world’s largest commercial communication satellite fleets, announced that the Saudi Telecommunication Company (STC), a provider of integrated mobile, fixed and broadband communications services, has expanded its relationship with Intelsat and entered into a new contract for satellite services on Intelsat 15 located at 85.15° East.

The additional connectivity from Intelsat 15 will enable STC, the largest telecom operator in Saudi Arabia, to grow very-small aperture terminal (VSAT) services for corporate networks in the banking, government, and oil & gas sectors operating in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

“As the largest telecommunications company in Saudi Arabia, STC knows the importance of keeping our corporate customers connected with the latest and most reliable communications technologies,” said Walid Al Wabel, General Manager, Operations Management, STC. “Throughout our long-term relationship, Intelsat has demonstrated they understand our needs and allow us to advance our business with growth capacity that seamlessly integrates with our expansive network. Together, this has enabled STC’s customers to upgrade and expand the reach of their networks in response to growing end user demand throughout Saudi Arabia.”

This latest agreement further expands Intelsat’s long-standing relationship with STC.  Currently, STC uses four additional satellites from Intelsat’s Globalized Network to ensure that corporate customers have access to high quality and reliable connectivity at all times.

“We value our customer relationships and are committed to introducing new and innovative satellite technology to help our customers solve their communications challenges, “ said Shahrokh Amiri, Intelsat’s Director of Sales, Middle East and North Africa. “Our solutions will enable STC to meet current broadband demands, provide the scale necessary to expand its subscriber base and ultimately, drive growth for its business. We will continue to work closely with STC to ensure that more customers throughout Saudi Arabia have access to the most reliable and high quality broadband connectivity available in the marketplace.” 

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