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The Space Café Podcast #109: Unlimited Energy from Space: the Potential of Geostationary Solar Farms

Markus Mooslechner is joined by Martin Soltau (Space Solar) to discuss space-based solar power and the efforts in achieving Net Zero emissions through innovative methods.



The Origin of the Mission:

  • Martin’s Journey into Space-Based Solar Power: Began six years ago, driven by the UK government’s need for credible Net Zero solutions.
  • Early Challenges: Initial skepticism from politicians and the breakthrough that came from finding a supportive physicist in the government.

The Space Energy Initiative:

  • Formation: Bringing together industry, academia, and government to support space-based solar power development.
  • Integration: The importance of integrating the energy and space sectors for the success of space-based solar power.

Technical and Economic Viability:

  • Studies by Fraser Nash: Leading to positive conclusions and recommendations.
  • How It Works: Solar panels in space beaming energy to Earth 24/7, through all weather conditions.

Current and Future Testing:

  • International Efforts: Testing in the US, Japan, and China.
  • Space Solar’s Timeline: Plans for a substantial proof of concept in space within six years.

Advantages and Challenges:

  • Efficiency and Continuous Energy Supply: Compared to terrestrial solar panels.
  • Reduction in Launch Costs: Due to advancements in reusable rockets like SpaceX’s Starship.
  • International Partnerships: Potential partnerships and the benefits of a global approach to space-based solar power.
  • Addressing Space Debris: The importance of sustainable space operations.

Space-based solar power is not just about providing clean energy for Earth; it’s about creating a sustainable and scalable energy source that can support humanity’s future needs.

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