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MDA Space Joins Starlab as Strategic Partner and Equity Owner

MDA Space
Credit: MDA Space

Ibadan, 5 June 2024. – Starlab Space LLC (Starlab Space), the global joint venture between Voyager Space, Airbus, and Mitsubishi Corporation, has welcomed MDA Space Ltd., a trusted mission partner to the rapidly expanding global space industry, as a strategic partner and equity owner in Starlab Space. The Starlab US-led partnership continues to expand, extending the joint venture’s global reach into Canada.

The company joins the Starlab team to provide the full range of external robotics, robotics interfaces and robotic mission operations to the station, including its recently launched full suite of scalable and modular robotics solutions, MDA SKYMAKER™, which can support a diverse range of missions. As the developer of the Canadarm family of robotics that has provided mission-critical support to astronauts and mission operators on the International Space Station for more than two decades, MDA Space will play a pivotal role in Starlab’s development.

The addition of MDA Space to the Starlab Space team reinforces the joint venture’s commitment to assembling an international consortium of strategic and high-profile companies with flight heritage and proven experience, including Voyager Space, Airbus, and Mitsubishi Corporation, further expanding Starlab Space’s global partner network set to expand the commercial space economy. The U.S., European, Japanese, and Canadian industry partners enable the continuation of the International Space Station partner network via commercial entities.

Mike Greenley, CEO of MDA Space, explained, “Our integration into the Starlab Space team is more than a program collaboration—it strategically fuses highly complementary and best-in-class expertise with the higher purpose of accelerating the space economy on Earth and in orbit.” The CEO also added, “It is also a validation of the capability and value that MDA SKYMAKER™ offers to the commercial space exploration and infrastructure market.”

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