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GLOC 2023 – Day 2 – Interview with Harshbir Sangha

SpaceWatch.Global CEO Torsten Kriening spoke with Harshbir Sangha from the UK Space Agency at GLOC 2023 about the work the UK offers on space climate change research.

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Summary session of GLOC 2023. Credit Torsten Kriening

GLOC 2023: Closing ceremony and future perspectives

On Thursday, the 25th of May, GLOC2023, Global Space Conference on Climate Change, the first Space conference entirely dedicated to Climate Change closed it’s first edition in Oslo, Norway's capital city. One of the major takeaway points was the need to make data more accessible. “People who work in crucial and critical data should be able to use the data freely,” says Dr Emma Gatti, Editor-in-Chief at SpaceWatch.Global.