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Space Foundation Appoints Maj Gen Pringle as New CEO

Space Foundation
Credit: Space Foundation

Ibadan, 11 April 2023. – Space Foundation, a nonprofit organization founded in 1983, offering information, education, and collaboration for the global space ecosystem, has announced the selection of Major General Heather Pringle, U.S. Air Force, as its new chief executive officer, effective July 1, 2023. Presently serving as Commander, Air Force Research Laboratory, Air Force Materiel Command, at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base in Ohio, Major General Pringle will be retiring in Summer 2023 after 32 years of military service. As a result, she will succeed current Space Foundation CEO Tom Zelibor, who announced his retirement in May 2022.

Regarding the selection, the chairman of Space Foundation’s board of directors, Jeff Grant, said, “As we begin a new chapter of service to the global space community and the Colorado Springs community, we are very happy to have the talents and energies of Major General Pringle to lead Space Foundation forward into the most exciting space era we’ve ever experienced. Her demonstrated capabilities as an engineer/scientist, educator, innovator, and team builder give us great confidence she is the right leader for Space Foundation.”

Likewise, Major General Pringle commented, “I am excited and honored by the opportunity to lead Space Foundation’s team and continue its tradition of service and excellence to the space community. Today’s space ecosystem presents greater opportunities for more people than ever before, and I look forward to doing my part with Space Foundation’s team to advance education and service opportunities for everyone. My career has taught me that teamwork at all levels enables success. Space Foundation’s record and reputation are proof of that collaborative fact. By working with them and many others, I welcome the opportunity the board of directors has afforded me to grow that tradition of excellence.”

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