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Register Today for the next Space Café Scotland by Angela Mathis – on 28 April 2023

This Space Café Scotland will feature movers and shakers from the Scottish Space Ecosystem in conversation with Angela MathisCEO of ThinkTank Maths and a friend of SpaceWatch.Global.

Energy & Fintech Meets Space

A conversation with:

The “downstream” or space data sector is perhaps the clearest illustration of why Scotland’s space industry has been described as a silent success. Less visible to the public eye than the country’s impressive small satellite manufacturing capabilities or viscerally exciting launch developments, it is not unusual for even the companies adding value to satellite sourced Earth Observation data for selling via different applications to shy away from referring to their company as a space company.

However, Scotland has long been at the forefront of the development of the countless amazing applications for information from space and its potential for commercialisation. With the fight against climate change, net zero targets, and stricter regulations surrounding the sustainability of supply chains and Environmental Social Governance, the almost limitless ways that space data can support Earth are becoming more apparent, increasing interest levels and growing excitement. These factors are driving the commercial downstream market’s growth trajectory to a realm of dizzying heights.

Businesses and industry in many sectors such as Finance and Energy are realising how Earth observation can help in their efforts to curb greenhouse emissions and adopt more sustainable and profitable practices. This realisation is helping to elevate earth observation to a position of greater significance than ever before. Join Astro Agency, Terrabotics and Trade in Space to find out more about these key opportunity areas and the focus for them over the coming months.

This Space Café Scotland will be conducted in English and is brought to you in partnership with a strategic space marketing firm, AstroAgency

SpaceWatch.Global is a Europe-based digital magazine and portal for those interested in space and the far-reaching impact of the space sector.

The audience will have an opportunity to ask questions to the guests.

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