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ispace Successfully Lists on Tokyo Stock Exchange Growth Market

Credit: ispace

Ibadan, 9 March 2023. – ispace has announced that the Tokyo Stock Exchange, Inc. (“Tokyo Stock Exchange”) has approved the initial listing of its shares on the Tokyo Stock Exchange Growth Market. The date of listing on the Tokyo Stock Exchange Growth Market is tentatively April 12, 2023, and after that date, trading of the Company’s shares will be possible on the same exchange.

Through this new listing, the Company seeks to commence dialogues with as many global investors in the stock market as possible and request their participation in this infrastructure construction project. As a result, the Company believes this will be the initial step toward creating a unified ecosystem between the Earth and the Moon.

In December 2022, ispace launched its first lunar lander, taking the initial step toward creating a world where the Earth and the Moon are a unified ecosystem. The Company set 10 Milestones for its lunar lander 1 mission, ranging from launch to landing. As a result, ispace will weigh and evaluate the results against the criteria and incorporate them into future missions expected to launch by 2025.

Currently, the lunar lander has entered the second phase of its mission, having traveled to its farthest point from Earth into deep space. Furthermore, the lander is now on a trajectory to the Moon with a scheduled landing for the end of April 2023.

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