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Atari Founder Nolan Bushnell partners with Geometric Energy to launch satellite

Credit: Accesswire

Edinburgh / Seattle, 14 June 2022. Nolan Bushnell, Co-Founder and Chief Knowledge Officer of Moxy.io, Founder of Atari, Chuck E. Cheese, and inventor of Pong, announced that he and his Play & Earn video game venture, Moxy.io, have signed a contract with launch service provider Geometric Energy Corporation (GEC) for its upcoming MOXY.IO program to low Earth orbit as part of the Geometric-1 rideshare mission. The launch is planned for October this year as part of a SpaceX rideshare.

UK-based Exobotics will serve as MOXY.IO’s satellite platform and payload manufacturer. The platform comprises next generation sub-systems including solar panels, startrackers, imagers, structures, reaction wheels and payload computers. It is also equipped with both S- and X-band radios.

GEC’s Geometric-1 rideshare mission will launch multiple satellites in collaboration with Maverick Space Systems. Users will be able to utilize the BETA, RHO, GAMMA, KAPPA, and XI space tokens with one of these satellites. In exchange, they will get the x- and y-coordinates, brightness, colour, and time of images. Pointblank’s NOCLIP satellite will provide augmented reality filters and a free virtual reality stream of The Overview Effect.

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