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Euroconsult estimates EO manufacturing revenues to grow to US $76.1B by 2030

Credit: Euroconsult

Edinburgh /Paris / Washington D.C. / Montreal / Yokohama / Sydney / Toulouse, 13 January 2022. – Euroconsult, the space consulting and market intelligence firm, estimates the Earth Observation (EO) manufacturing market to grow to US $76.1B in revenue by 2030. The data were released in the company’s ”Earth Observation Satellite Systems Market” report.

Between 2011-2020, 65% of EO satellite launches were commercial but only captured a negligible 4% of the market value. On the other hand, the same number was 80% for government-funded programs. This discrepancy is a result of the boom in commercial constellations, using off-the-shelf components and low capital expenditure. 

The number of launches will grow from 1,080 (between 2011-2020) to no less than 2,600 by 2030. Out of this, about 78% will be EO satellites. Government programs remain the principal market value creator though, with US $11.8B in manufacturing revenue last year. Investment into commercial satellite constellations is on the rise while civilian programs saw the 14th consecutive year of growth.

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