Space Café WebTalk Recap: “33 minutes with Raphael Roettgen”

This Space Café WebTalk happened on 7 April 2020, featuring Raphael Roettgen, Managing Director and Founder of E2MC, in conversation with Torsten Kriening, co-publisher of SpaceWatch.Global and COO of ThorGroup GmbH.

Raphael explained and analysed the space investments in the first quarter 2020. A focussed was put on the impact of COVID-19 on the space industry and the space entrepreneurship.

Following his remarks, the online audience had the opportunity to ask questions to Raphael.  

The Space Café WebTalks series is SpaceWatch.Global’s new webinar platform featuring global space experts.

You can view Raphaels slides at SpaceCafe_WebTalk_07Apr20 .

The complete video can be seen here:

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