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Kuwait’s GulfSat Renews Agreement With PALSAT For Broadcasting Of Palestinian TV

Executives from GulfSat and PALSAT at the agreement signing ceremony. Photograph courtesy of the Kuwait Times.

Gulfsat Communications Co. (Gulfsat), a leading specialized provider of satellite communications solutions, telecommunications services, and television broadcasting has announced the renewal of its cooperation agreement with PalSat, the first Palestinian company that specializes in satellite television broadcasting, also a subsidiary of the Palestinian Broadcasting Corporation (PBC).

The agreement renewal took place in a signing ceremony in Istanbul in presence of high-caliber representatives from both companies. Gulfsat communications was presented by Mohammed Al-Haj, CEO and Board Member, and Commercial and Sales Director Dr. Reyad Doughlas, in addition to their honoured guest the Ambassador of Kuwait to Turkey, Ghassan Al-Zawawi. On the Palestinian side the ceremony was attended by Minister Ahmed Assaf, Chairman, Mazen Hamarsheh, CEO and Board Member, Palestinian Ambassador in Turkey, Dr. Fayed Mustafa, and other members of PalSat team.

Commenting on the agreement renewal, Minister Ahmed Assaf said, “We anticipate that this agreement will play a pivotal role in reinforcing the Palestinian media platform, which comes in-line with our commitment to offer our compatriots the best media mediums to keep them connected to the latest updates worldwide through TV channels.” He added that, “our cooperation with Gulfsat proved to be very rewarding and a reliable platform to fulfill our prime objective; Gulfsat is renowned to be one of the best companies in the industry throughout the region, offering services marked with high definition while preventing anti-jamming on Palestinian channels. Our trust in Gulfsat capabilities stems from our initial cooperation over the past five years, therefore we are proud to renew our agreement.”

From his end, Gulfsat’s CEO, Mohammed Al-Haj, pointed out that the renewal of the agreement reaffirms the long-built trust between the two companies and provides an opportunity to outline future development milestones to boost the Palestinian TV channels. He said, “The agreement’s renewal with PalSat includes a capacity expansion for PalSat high-definition channels (SD/HD) on our DVB-S and DVB-S2 platforms, as well we will continue to provide a secured frequency to prevent intentional or non-intentional jamming; that is in addition to providing an exclusive platform for Palestinian TV channels through internet (OTT) which will allow to watch the channels through PALSAT application with high quality via computers and smart phones anytime and anywhere.”

Al-Haj asserted that Gulfsat prime objective is to keep the offerings of its platform for satellite communication solutions, satellite broadcasting and managed telecommunications innovative and enhanced: “The Core of our trust and cooperation with PalSat lies in the commitment to dedicated service and continuous development.” Al-Haj ended by confirming that Gulfsat will continue to provide its unique service offering: anti-jamming and no interference of service over the Middle East to North Africa footprint.

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