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Greek Space Agency Signs Space Cooperation Agreement With NASA To Send Robotic Vehicle To The Moon

NASA Administrator Jim Bridenstine along with NASA and Hellenic Space Agency officials at the signing ceremony. Photograph courtesy of the Hellenic Space Agency.

Within the framework of participation in the 35th Space Symposium in Colorado, the Hellenic Space Agency (HSA) signed on 8 April 2019 a joint co-operation agreement with the U.S. space agency, the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA).

After nine months of hard work, the HSA has been able to implement an agreement whose benefits will be multiplied for both the whole country in terms of technologies and development at academic and business levels as well as for future generations of young scientists. The agreement was signed by the CEO of the HSA, Mr. Mantzouris Georgios, and NASA Administrator Jim Bridenstine.

Mr. Georgios said, “Today is a historic day for Greece, I am very happy and at the same time very excited because after nine months of hard work we manage to sign today a joint cooperative agreement with NASA based on two pillars: a) General cooperation on space and b) sending the robotic vehicle to the moon. The benefits will be immense for society, science, the economy, but especially for young people. That’s why we urge young people to join the Hellenic Space Organization and we all come to realize this co-operative agreement that we just signed up to.”

NASA’s Administrator, Jim Bridenstine, said: “The United States is returning to the moon and this time in a way that has never been done before. This time we return to the moon to stay. Another thing that is unique is the fact that the return to the moon is with an alliance of international partners and we are excited that the Hellenic Space Agency, who counts one year from its foundation, will be with us when we return to the moon.”

The Minister of Digital Policy, Mr. Nikos Papas, said: “Today’s agreement is historic. One year after the establishment of Hellenic Space Organization, Greece will go to the moon. It will be in the small group of countries in the history of humanity who have sent their own vehicle to the moon. The Greek research community does not have to envy any of the research communities in other countries and I think we have a section that will give a new breath to both the research and the international displacement of Greece.”

The President of the Hellenic Space Organization said, “For the Hellenic Space Organization, today’s day is the most important since its foundation. This is a great responsibility for us and we are starting work tomorrow to determine the requirements of the vehicle we will be sending with NASA on the moon.”

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