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Goonhilly Earth Station And Australian Space Agency Form Strategic Partnership To Drive Common Vision

Dr Megan Clark and Ian Jones

The Australian Space Agency and iconic Goonhilly Earth Station have formed a strategic partnership that will see the creation of new opportunities in UK and Australian space industries and the wider world. The agreement will result in the further progress of the Australian space industry, making it more accessible to businesses, governments and institutions.

The two organisations share a common vision: to forge international collaborations and promote investments in space capabilities and capacities that help to accelerate the growth of the Australian space economy; to help improve the lives of all Australians through the development of innovative products and services; and to provide new opportunities by enhancing the capability and competitiveness of Australian industry.

Goonhilly has already made progress in the region by establishing an office in Australia last year with industry veteran Bob Gough at the helm as part of its global expansion plan. The company will also invest in infrastructure and facilities in order to support deep space projects. Goonhilly has taken its tested business model from the UK to Australia which is tightly focused on the development of relationships with academia, business, government and other industry players

An activity already underway is Goonhilly’s involvement in the proposed SmartSat CRC (co-operative research centre) space research initiative. This consortium aims to enhance connectivity, navigation and monitoring capability across Australia and to maximise the country’s resources by solving major satellite system and advanced communications challenges.

The partnership will also help to make the benefits of space more accessible for Australian businesses. For example, Goonhilly’s Enterprise Zone status is unique in the space industry, offering businesses from Australia and beyond the chance to be part of a rich space ecosystem and to build a cost-effective European base from which to grow their business.

Dr. Megan Clark, AC, Head of the Australian Space Agency said: “We welcome Goonhilly’s intent to invest in communications, and research and development in Australia. The agreement will provide greater opportunities for technology transfer and the creation of local skilled jobs in the space sector.”

“Both Goonhilly and the Australian Space Agency have a shared commitment to increase the opportunities afforded by space exploration and development. Through this partnership we will enhance the capabilities and competitiveness of both Australian and UK industry, to forge productive international collaborations and promote investments in space,” commented Ian Jones, CEO of Goonhilly.

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