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Australia’s Sydney Teleport Services To Establish Gateway With PSSI Teleport In Pittsburgh

Photograph courtesy of PSSI Global Services.

PSSI Global Services and Sydney Teleport Services (STS) are collaborating to establish a gateway between PSSI International Teleport (PIT) in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, and the STS teleport in Sydney, Australia. This connection expands both companies’ broadcast footprints to cover the U.S., Europe and Asia-Pacific regions.

This new bidirectional connection means PSSI Global Services customers now have unique access to Asia-Pacific satellite fleets, as well as STS’s expansive fiber network, which reaches from the U.S. to Australia and the UK. Meanwhile, STS customers gain access to PIT’s 50-plus antennas — which support transmissions throughout the Americas — and production services at the PSSI Pittsburgh Videotech Center.

“Partnering with top-tier service providers like STS allows PSSI Global Services to deliver even more seamless, efficient, cost-effective solutions for our ever-growing global client base,” said Jason Land, vice president of PSSI Global Services’ Strategic Television division. “This new connectivity gives us the ability to offer our clients instant, scalable solutions for international distribution.”

The gateway between the two teleports leverages PIT’s dual 10 Gbps AT&T Global Video Services connectivity. This high-capacity fiber network connects PIT to STS’s point of presence (POP) in Los Angeles, California — and Nimbra units at both ends allow for fully programmable Asynchronous Serial Interfaces (ASI) and data connections.

“With this new circuit, we are able to offer our clients a breadth of exciting broadcasting options that weren’t possible before,” said Scott Jenkins, managing director at STS. “We are proud to be partnering with a trusted industry leader like PSSI Global Services, and we look forward to continuing to innovate together.”

PSSI Global Services and STS deployed the gateway in time to provide successful transmission services for the UFC 234 pay-per-view on 10 February 2019. The broadcast originated in Melbourne, Australia, and several pathways were carried between PIT and STS for distribution to international viewers.

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