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Talia to Provide Arabsat With 10 Channel Video Uplink and Monitoring Service on Badr-7 Ku Band

Talia Limited’s teleport in Raisting, Germany. Photograph courtesy of Talia Ltd.

Talia Limited, a leading communication provider serving the Middle East, Africa, Europe, and the Americas, announces its partnership with Arabsat of a new 10-channel video uplink to the Arabsat Badr-7 satellite located at 26°E.

The service will offer both SD and HD channel uplinks and will form the basis of a new high-power Ku-band neighbourhood over Iraq. Content will be up-linked from the Talia Teleport in Raisting, Germany, and monitored for quality in the Talia NOC in Erbil on the Badr-7 located at 26E.

With many content creators looking to new audiences, the neighbourhood of channels will provide a voice and original Iraqi-themed programming to millions of currently underserved and underrepresented citizens. Following scheduled meetings at IBC in September, we expect the number of to increase further.

With Talia’s strong regional presence in Iraq and well-established customer base, Talia are ideally placed to serve the region.

“This partnership cements our on-going commitment to Arabsat,” stated Talia CEO and President Alan Afrasiab. “This service will start with 10 channels but we believe this will expand as more broadcasters reach the growing number of viewers in the region. The video platform continues to build on our existing broadcast services and experience and the Middle East’s leading communications provider.”

Khalid Balkheyour, Arabsat President and CEO said “Indeed, we have conducted cautious surveys during the course of selecting our teleport partner to launch Arabsat’s first DTH platform from Germany. We’ve reached the fact that Talia with its worldwide recognized brand in terms of adequate and reliable satellite and terrestrial networks offering various facilities connecting the Middle East and Europe with high monitoring capabilities and quality of service that provide excellent solutions to ARABSAT DTH services from Europe, which shall provide Arabsat’s international and regional broadcasters with the optimum quality of service. Balkheyour added, “meanwhile, we established a joint roadmap with Talia to develop Arabsat penetration into certain remarkable growing MENA markets, which Talia has already set up its distribution services and signal delivery for a significant number of premium video channels.”

Original published at: https://spacewatch.global/2017/09/iraqs-talia-provide-arabsat-10-channel-video-uplink-monitoring-service-badr-7-ku-band/

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