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Ursa Space Systems Announces World’s First Weekly Global Oil Inventory Report

Photograph courtesy of Glenn Beltz, Flickr Creative Commons.

Ursa Space Systems Inc. (Ursa) announced on August 10, 2017, their planned expansion to provide the world’s first reliable, global oil inventory coverage. Building on Ursa’s ground-breaking China Oil Storage Report, Ursa will deliver Global oil storage reports on a region by region basis, starting with the Caribbean, Middle East/North Africa, and Europe, which are coming online in the coming months.

global map

“Developed in close collaboration with our customers, the global oil storage reports build upon our success with Ursa’s China Oil Storage report released in May,” said Matt Wood, Ursa’s Vice President of Sales and Marketing. “Our reliable and independent measurement of global oil stocks helps our customers build a more accurate balance sheet for better insight on oil supply and demand; especially for areas of the world that are opaque.”

“Energy trading is continually revolutionized by the emergence of technologies that bring new sources of knowledge and efficiency,” says Colin Fenton of Blacklight Research, LLC. “As the promise of space-based remote sensing marched toward reality, we knew we had to find and partner with the best operation. We evaluated every competitor in this niche. Ursa is the clear winner. Our access to Ursa’s data has been a key edge for Blacklight in anticipating shifts in oil market fundamentals and prices so accurately in 2017.”

Ursa’s Oil Storage reports provide comprehensive weekly time series of crude oil stocks down to the tank level for a majority of the inventories on a regional basis. These weekly measurements can be used as an anchor in calculating an “oil balance sheet”, or used as inputs in models that predict the prices of a wide range of commodities, currencies, equities, and other financial instruments. In addition to empirical measurements, Ursa provides contextual information such as tank owner and storage type (e.g., commercial stocks, strategic stocks).

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Ursa’s China Oil Storage report is available for immediate purchase, and Beta test opportunities are available for the Caribbean, Middle East/North Africa, and Europe regions. Visit our products page to learn more and request an evaluation here. Contact [email protected] for more information.

Ursa delivers global economic intelligence to energy and financial enterprises, providing reliable information about areas of the world that are traditionally opaque. The company was formed in early 2015 by leaders in the satellite and software security fields with the vision to unlock the potential of data and insights derived from satellite imaging. Ursa is headquartered in Ithaca, New York, United States of America.

Original published at: https://spacewatch.global/2017/08/ursa-space-systems-announces-worlds-first-weekly-global-oil-inventory-report/

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