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Saudi Arabia’s Taqnia to partner with Simularity to use AI in Satellite Imagery Analysis

The Empty Quarter in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Photograph courtesy of the European Space Agency.

Simularity Inc., a Silicon Valley based leader in Artificial Intelligence (AI), today announced a partnership with TAQNIA, the technology development company owned by the investment arm of the Saudi Arabian government.

Eng. Abdulaziz S. Aljowair, CEO of TAQNIA SERVICES Engineering and Technology Services Co., said “Our remote sensing clients need timely alerts regarding what’s happening on the ground. The increasing volume of satellite imagery data is driving the need for an AI-assisted solution. Simularity’s technology solves this problem.”

Satellite constellations are now providing huge volumes of high-cadence images. Using these near-daily images, Simularity’s AI software can automatically detect and monitor unusual activities across vast amounts of terrain. It is designed to instantly compare incoming data and images to historical information about the same location or asset, using machine learning to determine if changes are unusual or predictive of problems.

“We are excited to be chosen by TAQNIA to provide our Artificial Intelligence technology to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia,” said Liz Derr, Simularity CEO. “TAQNIA’s adoption of our solution puts them at the forefront of the rapidly evolving remote sensing industry.”

TAQNIA promotes technology and knowledge transfer in Saudi Arabia by partnering with leaders in industry to add strategic value to the Kingdom. TAQNIA Services is a professional organization that plays a leading role in advancing the national strategic technology development plans of Saudi Arabia.

Simularity is an Artificial Intelligence software company based in Richmond, California, and is a world leader in using AI to rapidly create dynamic predictive models based on massive amounts of time series data. Simularity’s international customers in the telecommunications, healthcare, retail, and finance sectors use Simularity’s predictive analytics to model normal behavior, predict propensities, detect anomalies, and predict critical incidents before they happen. In the energy and industrial IoT sectors, Simularity’s predictive maintenance solution uses data collected from condition-based monitoring systems to provide early warnings, helping customers avoid costly machine failures. In earth observation, Simularity’s Automatic Image Anomaly Detection System (AI-ADS) has been proven to rapidly identify high priority anomalies on the ground, and can support imagery from multiple providers, at any resolution, anywhere on the planet.

Original published at: http://spacewatchme.com/2017/01/saudi-arabias-taqnia-partner-simularity-use-ai-satellite-imagery-analysis/

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