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Türksat to provide connectivity for Turkish digital health service

Officials from Türksat and the Turkish Ministry of Health. Photograph courtesy of Türksat.
Officials from Türksat and the Turkish Ministry of Health. Photograph courtesy of Türksat.

The Turkish Health Information Systems General Directorate and Türksat have signed an agreement for the “Ulusal Sağlık Sistemi (USS – National Health System) Project,” in order to ensure the sustainability of an integrated architecture for applications used within the scope of the Turkish Ministry of Health.

In accordance with the agreement signed on 7 September 2016, centres affiliated to the ministry as well as provincial organisations that are set to use the National Health System will be provided with services like development, maintenance, repair, technical support services as well as integration services of other intuitional practices.

On 29 September 2016 a courtesy visit was made to Türksat by the Ministry of Health, as part of the signed agreement for the USS project and other projects conducted between the Ministry and Türksat.

Present at the visit were the Deputy Undersecretary of the Ministry of Health, Şuayip Birinci, and Head of the Project Development Department, Şahin Aydin; Türksat CEO, Cenk Şen, and Vice President, Abdulkadir Şener; IT Business Development and Project Management Director, Ömer Faruk Çöllüoğlu; IT Contract Management and Financial Tracking Director, Ahmet Aslanpınar; and members of the project team were also in attendance.

Deputy Undersecretary of the Ministry of Health, Şuayip Birinci, stated the importance of the project in which recorded health data will be able to be evaluated and reported by the ministry. He explained the priority is to increase satisfaction by providing better services to citizens.

Türksat CEO Cenk Şen stated that the Ministry of Health is one the most important government establishments in Turkey and the improvements made in regards to services have directly reflected on citizens. Mr. Şen noted that as part of the USS Project and other projects realized together with the ministry, it gives Türksat great pride to be a part of the services offered.

The USS Project is comprised of integrated operations that are connected to the SağlıkNet Online (HealthNet Online) and e-Nabız (e-Pulse) systems. SağlıkNet involves the gathering of health related data stored by health facilities and made available to the appropriate individuals and establishments. Whereas e-Nabız is a system designed to provide citizens with access to gathered health related data. The USS project is planned as a 360° e-Government infrastructure in the health field involving the transfer of information not only from citizens to health facilities, but also from those facilities to citizens.

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