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First International Space University program in the Middle East starting today

Space Study Program Team in Haifa, Credits: Remco Timmermans
Space Study Program Team in Haifa, Credits: Remco Timmermans

Haifa, 12 July 2016 . Today is an important day for the space sector in the Middle East. It is the opening day of the 29th Space Studies Program 2016 of the International Space University. The event will finish on 1 September 2016. This prestigious post graduate university program is held in a different location around the world every year. This year is the first time it is hosted at a university in the Middle East, the Technion Israel Institute of Technology in Haifa, Israel. SpaceWatch Middle East will report on the program, including its highlights, projects and participants.

At 18:30 local time today, 104 participants from 25 countries will be welcomed to the Space Studies Program by senior ISU and Technion staff, representatives from Israeli national space organizations and local and national government officials. On Wednesday morning they will then start their eight-week deep dive into all aspects of the space industry. The program will make them experts in a wide variety of space-related fields of study, ranging from rocket and spacecraft engineering to legal, policy and business aspects of the sector.

During the entire summer the International Space University and Technion organize several interesting space events for the general public, where anyone interested in learning more about space is welcome. These events are listed at the Space Studies Program website: http://ssp16.isunet.edu/events, where you will also find a link to book your free ticket.

You can watch the opening ceremony live from Rappaport Hall in central Haifa, starting at 18:30 local time (17:30 CEST) today. The live webcast can be watched most conveniently directly from the ISU website: http://bit.ly/ssp16live

More info about ISU: http://www.isunet.edu
More info about Space Studies Program 2016: http://ssp16.isunet.edu

Original published at: http://spacewatchme.com/2016/07/first-international-space-university-program-middle-east-starting-today/


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