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Persian-language Manoto TV selects Eutelsat to broadcast throughout Middle East

Artists conception of EUTELSAT 7B. Image courtesy of Eutelsat.
Artists conception of EUTELSAT 7B. Image courtesy of Eutelsat.

Manoto TV, the highly regarded commercial Persian-language television channel, is gearing up for launch on 16 June 2016 on the EUTELSAT 7B satellite. The channel has signed a capacity agreement with Eutelsat Communications for exclusive broadcasting in High Definition (HD) from EUTELSAT 7B, leveraging the satellite’s high-power footprint to expand its audience in Iran and the Middle East.

Broadcasting documentaries, films, series, original entertainment and news, the London-based free-to-air channel owned by Marjan Television Network has built a strong viewer base with Eutelsat since its launch in 2010. It notably broadcasts from Eutelsat’s HOT BIRD position that offers an exceptional footprint over Europe, North Africa and the Middle East and reaches into Iran where it is the country’s most popular video neighbourhood, with over 10 million households. More than two million of these homes are already equipped for dual-feed reception from HOT BIRD and the collocated EUTELSAT 7A and 7B satellites. They will benefit from the superior image quality of Manoto HD in addition to exclusive premium Turkish and Farsi channels on EUTELSAT 7A and 7B. Other HOT BIRD homes can add a simple second low-noise block downconverter (LNB) to their existing dish or viewers can use a sub-70cm dish pointed exclusively to 7 degrees East.

Michel Azibert, Eutelsat’s Deputy Chief Executive Officer and Chief Commercial and Development Officer, said, “This new contract reinforces our relationship with Manoto TV as well as the popularity of our satellites among Persian-speaking audiences and our stable of HD content. In initiating HD broadcasts of Manoto TV on EUTELSAT 7B we are reaching a new milestone in the deployment of our strategy for the Persian-speaking market.”

Manoto’s Operations Director, Robert Le Merle, said that, “With this new phase of expansion on Eutelsat’s fleet, Manoto TV is delivering on its vision of enabling Persian-speaking audiences to benefit from the quality of HDTV. Our viewers will also benefit from a satellite placed adjacent to HOT BIRD, allowing access to a vast array of free-to-air content.”


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