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Virgin Galactic Announces Crew for Return to Space in Late May

Virgin Galactic has announced the Virgin Galactic Unity 25 crew who will be aboard VSS Unity’s return to space later this month. Unity 25’s mission objective is to conduct the final assessment of the spaceflight system and astronaut experience before commercial service begins in late June.

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SINC Kicks Off, Bringing Global Space & Climate Experts Together

The Maldives Space Research Organisation (MSRO) has inaugurated the first day of the Space for Island Nations Conference (SINC), taking place from 2 to 5 May 2023 at Crossroads Maldives. SINC is a 4-day event that welcomes around 150 delegates from around the world to discuss climate resilience, the blue ocean economy, and space policy development for island nations.

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Torsten Hoffmann Announces FORTITUDE Documentary


Torsten Hoffmann, founder and CEO of Melbourne-based 3D/4k Content Hub has announced the launch of his latest documentary, FORTITUDE. The documentary will build on Hoffman's previous film CRYPTOPIA (Netflix Europe, Amazon Prime), which delved into the world of blockchain technology. However, FORTITUDE will now explore the inspiring and rapidly evolving landscape of the emerging NewSpace economy.

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The Space Café Podcast #75: Midge Goldberg: Exploring the Intersection of Space Science and Poetry

Midge Goldberg's insights on the intersection of science and poetry are fascinating and thought-provoking. Her book, "Outer Space - 100 Poems” is a great example of how science and poetry can work together to create something unique and beautiful. As technology advances, the question of whether machines can replace human poets becomes more relevant, but Goldberg believes that the emotional and human elements of poetry cannot be replicated. This episode provides a unique perspective on the role of poetry in science and technology.

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The Space Café Podcast #68: Daniel Leeb – Iceland’s Space Agency as a launching pad towards becoming an interplanetary species

SpaceWatch.Global is pleased to present: The Space Café Podcast #68: Daniel Leeb - Iceland's Space Agency as a launching pad towards becoming an interplanetary species. Daniel Leeb is the director of the Iceland Space Agency and oversees a wealth of space-related research

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Space Café Brazil by Ian Grosner Recap, with Prof. Dr. Thais Russomano

In this week’s Space Café Brazil, Ian Grosner talked with Prof. Dr Thais Russomano, a Brazilian Space Scientist, Researcher and Medical Doctor. Prof Thais Russomano has 30+ yr of experience in Aerospace Med, Space Phys & Digital Health. She is an MD with an MSc in Aerospace Med/USA, a PhD in Space Phys-KCL/UK, and was a researcher for 3 yr at DLR/Germany.

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Space Café Radio – on tour in London- with Farzana Baduel

In this Space Café Radio – SpaceWatch.Global Senior Editor and Space Café Italy Host Dr. Emma Gatti spoke with Farzana Baduel the CEO of Curzon PR, a London-based PR firm focused on public relations and marketing communications consultancy, at the 4th Secure World Foundation Summit in London on June 22-23. Farzana also served as Vice-Chair of Business Relations for the UK Conservative Party.

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The Space Café Podcast #058 – Erik Wernquist, the man behind the space video hit “Wanderers” on YouTube

SpaceWatch.Global is pleased to present: The Space Café Podcast #058 - Erik Wernquist, the man behind the space video hit "Wanderers" on YouTube. Episode 058 features a special guest: Erik Wernquist. When he uploaded his 3:51 minute vision of humanity in space to Youtube, Erik didn't realize the way it would change his life and, according to the comments, the lives of many others. In the latest edition of the Space Cafe Podcast,

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The Space Cafe Podcast #052: René Laufer, a life between science and fiction

SpaceWatch.Global is pleased to present the 52nd episode in our podcast series The Space Cafe Podcast #052: René Laufer, a life between science and fiction. Rene Laufer is Professor and Head of the Space Systems Group, Chair at the Luleå University of Technology in Kiruna, North Sweden and is a respected expert on all matters relating to small satellites and lunar exploration. 

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