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Andoya – Strategic Framework 2023 – Introduction with Torsten Kriening

On the 4th Oct 2023 the Strategic Framework Andoya, Norway, gave an update on the opportunities of the spaceport development. The Place for Space showed the current development and the development plans for the spaceport Andoya, the region, Norway, and Europe. SpaceWatch.Global's Torsten Kriening was invited to Andoya and gives an outlook to the event.

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Space Café Israel by Meidad Pariente S02E01: Uri Oron – Israel’s Trailblazing Odyssey in Space

In the first episode of season 2 of Space Café Israel, Meidad Pariente is in conversation with Uri Oron, the Director General of ISA – the Israel Space Agency. Could you share something personal that has yet to make it onto your LinkedIn profile, offering us a glimpse into a lesser-known aspect of your life? My LinkedIn page could be more appealing. I became a fighter pilot because I wanted to be an astronaut. I was born in a kibbutz.

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Blue Origin and Sierra Space to End Orbital Reef Partnership

Blue Origin and Sierra Space may soon end a corporate partnership they formed years ago to build Orbital Reef, a commercial space station. n 2021, Blue Origin announced its partnership to build what it envisioned as a "business park in space" with Sierra Space, a spinoff from defense contractor Sierra Nevada Corp.

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Euroconsult Report Forecasts Increasing In-Flight Connectivity Demand

A Euroconsult report focusing on In-Flight Connectivity (IFC) for air travel has highlighted a second consecutive year of strong growth. This is because over 36,000 commercial and business aviation aircraft now feature onboard internet access. The new study marks the 11th edition of an annual report entitled ‘Prospects for In-Flight Entertainment & Connectivity’ and predicts this number to grow steadily over the coming years, to almost double by 2032, as part of an overall market that could see service revenues reach as high as $3.4bn.

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FCC Takes First Space Debris Enforcement Action


The Federal Communication Commission (FCC)’s Enforcement Bureau has announced a settlement of its investigation into DISH for failure to properly deorbit its EchoStar-7 satellite. This marks a first in space debris enforcement by the Commission. The settlement includes an admission of liability from the company and an agreement to adhere to a compliance plan and pay a penalty of $150,000.

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ESA IEC Announces Conclusion on Vega-C Zefiro40 Test

The Independent Enquiry Commission, set up by ESA Director General Josef Aschbacher, has concluded its findings on the test anomaly during the static firing test of the modified Zefiro40 engine. The Director General set up the Enquiry Commission to understand the cause of the test anomaly and propose recommendations. The ESA Inspector General, Giovanni Colangelo, chaired the Commission, which also comprised experts from CNES, ASI, ESA, Arianespace and academia.

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Lunar exploration boost space exploration funding

Euroconsult has published the fourth edition of its 'Prospects for Space Exploration' market intelligence report. The market report positions lunar exploration as the catalyst behind an unprecedented surge in the space exploration sector. This consequently led to a global Government investment rise to an impressive $26 billion during 2023.  Ambitious lunar missions will potentially also boost investment to nearly $33 billion by 2032, a growth trajectory which underscores lunar exploration's pivotal role in shaping the future of space exploration. 

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Space Café Recap: “Law Breakfast with Steven Freeland” #15

In the latest (15th) “Space Café Law Breakfast with Steven Freeland, host Steven Freeland, Emeritus Professor at Western Sydney University, and Professorial Fellow at Bond University, and Co-Host Torsten Kriening, SpaceWatch.Global’s Publisher, welcomed Ann Vandenbroucke and Martin Reynders to a fantastic breakfast discussion at the famous Bundesbüdchen in Bonn. Over breakfast treats (and some coffee), they discussed important issues relating to current and future space activities and the challenges and opportunities raised by constantly developing space technology.

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Space Café “Black Ops by Dr. Emma Gatti” with Dr. Namrata Goswami ep. 5 – Recap

The fifth episode of this special series of Space Cafe Black Ops with Dr. Namrata Goswami as resident guest is focused on India. This episode is part of a seven-series focused on the geopolitics of space. India: A Strategy of a Leading Power. The fifth episode of this special series of Space Café Black Ops with Dr. Namrata Goswami as a resident guest is focused on India. This episode is part of a seven-series focused on the geopolitics of space. 

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