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Euroconsult Releases Universal Broadband Access Report

Euroconsult reports that Internet usage has doubled in the past eight years, with an estimated 67% of the world population using broadband services in 2022. From access to public services such as remote health advice to remote working and learning and the ability to communicate opinions and share information, universal connectivity has become an increasing priority for governments across the globe.

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WSWA Releases 2022 Edition of its Annual Report

The World Space Week Association (WSWA) has released the 2022 edition of its Annual Report, which provides a comprehensive overview of the Association's performance and achievements in the past year. "Space and Sustainability" was the World Space Week (WSW)'s 2022 theme to raise awareness of the key role of space in the sustainability of life on Earth and the importance of sustaining the space environment. 

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Space Foundation Appoints Maj Gen Pringle as New CEO

Space Foundation, a nonprofit organization founded in 1983, offering information, education, and collaboration for the global space ecosystem, has announced the selection of Major General Heather Pringle, U.S. Air Force, as its new chief executive officer, effective July 1, 2023. Presently serving as Commander, Air Force Research Laboratory, Air Force Materiel Command, at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base in Ohio, Major General Pringle will be retiring in Summer 2023 after 32 years of military service.

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RAND assess spaceflight industry progress

RAND Human Spaceflight Regulation Report. Credit RAND

RAND researchers have assessed the progress that the commercial spaceflight industry has made in adopting voluntary safety standards, the industry’s progress in meeting key metrics set by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) in 2017, and whether the industry has matured such that areas identified in FAA reports are ready for regulatory action. The Commercial Space Launch Competitiveness Act of 2015 imposes a moratorium on safety regulations until the 1st of October, 2023. The FAA will be authorised to propose and issue regulations upon expiration of the moratorium. 

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Astroscale on Space Safety Coalition Best Practices Update


While this 2023 update to the Best Practices for Sustainability of Space Operations is a momentous step forward for space operations safety, Astroscale believes certain elements within it still merit further improvement and fall short of what it can fully endorse without reservations. As a result, the Company endorses these updated Best Practices, with three exceptions: clauses 5.a., 7.a., and 8.j.

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