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Airbus Announces Collaboration for Starlab Space Station

voyager space

The European Space Agency (ESA), Airbus Defense and Space, and Voyager Space have signed a trilateral Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) at the ESA Space Summit in Seville, outlining their collaboration for the Starlab space station in the post-International Space Station era. The MoU outlines that the parties intend to foster science and technology development and explore the potential for collaboration in conjunction with post-International Space Station low-Earth orbit (LEO) destinations.

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ESA Establishes Zero Debris Charter to Foster Space Sustainability

ESA Space Summit in Seville.

The European Space Agency (ESA) has established the "Zero Debris Charter" with the aim of moving towards space safety and sustainability and fostering a community of proactive actors working collectively towards jointly defined ambitions. The charter comes after ESA Member States encouraged the Agency to implement “a Zero Debris approach for its missions and to encourage partners and other actors to pursue similar paths. 

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Karman Week 2023 – Interview with Mani Thiru

'Space is a shared frontier, not a race.' Wise words from Mani Thiru, head of Space and satellites for Amazon Web Services across Asia Pacific. Mani discusses with Dr Emma Gatti the civil society's role in the space sector, and dives deep into the balance between space progress and sustainability. Watch it now!

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ESA Ministers Back Europe’s Sustainable Space Ambitions


Government ministers representing ESA’s Member States, Associate States and Cooperating States have resolved to strengthen Europe’s space ambitions to better serve European citizens after the ESA Space Summit in Seville. As a result, Europe aims to harness space for a greener future, take decisive steps in exploration, and ensure autonomous access to space while preparing a paradigm shift towards a more competitive next generation of launchers, following decisions taken today at the Space Summit.

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SDSC 2023 – Interview with Elise Olt and Marily Hendrikson

An illuminating discussion from #SDC2023 with two trailblazing Estonian space leaders - Elise Olt and Marily Hendrikson! � Get inspired as they share a vibrant vision for Estonia's growing role in the global space industry. Learn how their work is expanding access and opportunity in space tech for future generations. Elise and Marily provide unique perspectives on Estonia's emerging space sector and shaping the new space economy.

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NASA Welcomes Netherlands as Newest Accords Signatory

NASA and Netherlands

The Netherlands has become the newest and 31st signatory to the Artemis Accords, signing the document during a ceremony at the Dutch Ambassador’s Residence in Washington on Wednesday. NASA Administrator Bill Nelson participated in the signing ceremony for the agency, and Netherlands Space Office (NSO) director Harm van de Wetering signed on behalf of the Netherlands.

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SDSC 2023 – Interview with Dr Daniel Fischer of ESA

Straight from Tallinn! �� Torsten Kriening spoke with Dr. Daniel Fischer, Head of Ground Segment System and Cyber Security Engineering at European Space Agency - ESA, about critical work safeguarding our space infrastructure. Hear directly from Dr. Fischer on ESA's cutting-edge approaches to cybersecurity in the space sector. He discusses how to build resilience against emerging threats in an increasingly complex space ecosystem. ☄ Dr. Fischer also provides fascinating insights into ESA's Zero Debris Universe initiative - charting innovative ways to mitigate dangerous space junk. Join us from Software Defined Space Conference for an engaging conversation at the intersection of space technology, engineering, and security. This exclusive interview sheds light on critical work you won't hear about anywhere else!

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SDSC 2023 – Interview with Martin Ruubel of Nortal

Don't miss this exclusive fireside chat with an influential leader and innovator! Torsten Kriening spoke with Martin Ruubel, CEO of Estonian tech giant Nortal, at #SDC2023 about their bold move into the space industry. Hear Martin's vision straight from the source on why and how Nortal is leveraging their software expertise to help shape the future of space tech. We discuss key takeaways from the conference, trends to watch, and insights

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SDSC 2023 – Interview with Linda Võeras, Karma Ventures

The day before the official start of the 3rd Software Defined Space Conference, hosted by the Estonian Space Office, and the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Communications of Estonia in Tallinn, our Publisher Torsten Kriening spoke with Linda Võeras of Karma Ventures about the challenges and to-dos for startups that are looking for funding, the market and space as an area to fund.

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